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Content and Community Manager since 2018, I am now specialising in the social networks Facebook and Instagram. Today I have the chance to collaborate all the year with a large French event agency established in Barcelona which knows the importance of being present on these social networks in order to achieve many objectives. I created this service to help you to improve the brand of your company, to offer it a professional and serious image in order to attract new customers through social networks. Want to live a professional and human adventure ? Then let's start together !
Syphan richard

What is the community management ?

The community management is the art of setting up actions that aim to promote and make visible a product or a service through social networks while animating a community of users. 

It consists in defining the company’s core target on social networks, defining the social networks where it is necessary to be present, doing competitive intelligence, exchange with its community through posts and to inform and create commitment.

The main objectives


Need someone to take care of and create content for your social networks ?

They trusted me

Created in 2020, Holàcom is a micro enterprise specialised in service provision (Community Management – Webdesign & Photography) 

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