Why Facebook ?

Why do I decide to use Facebook for your company ?

If you are reluctant to use Facebook for your business, I will show you the key figures of Facebook in 2020 and why it would be relevant for you to be present on this social network.

Number of Facebook users

Facebook has no less than 2.44 billion active users per month and advertising reaches 1.95 billion users. It should not be forgotten that the number of Facebook users is impressive because the social network has bought out its competitors and now includes the most popular social networks: Instagram and WhatsApp. So you can’ t ignore this number of Facebook users if you want to promote your business online. If your strategy is focused on B2C, you’d better be on Facebook !

Facebook, the first social network

According to Facebook figures, the social network is used by 60.6% of the world’s internet users. Another very impressive figure, 500,000: that’s the number of Facebook accounts created every day, that’ s 6 per second !

Facebook figures for companies

80 milion small businesses in the world have a professional Facebook page. This shows us a massive professional use of the social network.

Average time spent on Facebook

Users spend an average of 58 minutes a day on Facebook (source: Recode, 2018).

This is an important piece of information to keep in mind for any entrepreneur who wants to capture the attention of his audience via Facebook. The more time this audience spends on Facebook, the more chances they have to see their ads.

B2C companies love to use Facebook

98% of BtoC companies questioned say they use Facebook according to Hootsuite.

In conclusion: The Facebook figures mentioned above leave no doubt about the popularity of Facebook with a large audience around the world. Whatever your niche product, you will be able to reach a qualified and wider target on Facebook.

In my opinion, a professional Facebook page for companies is almost indispensable.

It will allow you to be found, to be contacted and located quickly by potential future customers but also to be connected with the largest number of Facebook users, to gain notoriety, to forge a community, to engage and gain the loyalty of your customers.

Need someone to develop a strategy on Facebook ? I will help you in this social media strategy.

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