Why Instagram ?


Why do I decide to use Instagram for your company ?

If you hesitate to use Instagram for your company, I give you here my 5 arguments on why you should be present on this social network.

“To do without Instagram in your digital strategy is to deprive your company of one of the most powerful social networks in the world.”


Instagram has more than a billion users every month, and half of them log on every day !

As far as its audience is concerned, we mainly find users aged 16 to 24 (41% of users) on the network, followed by users aged 25 to 34 (35% of the public), then users aged 35 to 44. (Representing 17% of the network’s objectives). Instagram allows you to reach a very large audience, so it’ s very possible to find your target here.


There' s a very important commitment on this social network.

Instagram in figures is an average of 32 minutes per day for the people under 25 years old, 60% of the videos on Instagram are viewed with sound, it is also 4.2 billion likes per day.

These figures are key indicators of the commitment on this social network in comparison with Facebook which on average only retains these users for 13.5 minutes a day. A strong commitment is a sign of visibility but also of virilization of your publications.


You have the opportunity to give a very good image of your company.

The interest of Instagram is to share photos and videos. For you, the objective is to present in pictures your company, your history, your products and services, the backstage of your company, the members of your team for example. The quality of the photos is an essential factor for your success on this social network.


A way to stand out from your competitors

Instagram is an opportunity for you to make the difference with your competitors and to develop a community of ambassadors who will be your best sales representatives.


The chance to be able to make targeted advertisements

Indeed, you can manage your Instagram ads from the Facebook platform: Business Manager. You choose the objectives that you want: notoriety, traffic, interaction or conversion.

Then you can target your paid advertisements according to age, geolocation or even interests. So you can capture with great precision a large number of prospects according to your objectives !

Need someone to develop a strategy on Instagram to stand out from your competitors ? I will help you in this social media strategy.

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